Canberra Saraswati Puja 2015 - Some of the moments captured for the Saraswati Puja by the Canberra Team.
Odias at Diwali Fair 2014 - The Odia community of NSW proudly participated in the Diwali Fair organised by the Indian Community in NSW. The event was held at the Parramatta Park in the Parramatta Suburb of Sydney. We Odias actively participated in both cultural and culinary events. Our immensely talented girls performed on Sambalpuri folk which received huge applause from […]
NSW Saraswati Puja 2015 - The Odia community celebrated the Saraswati Puja in all glory at the Westmead Progress Hall in the Westmead suburb of Sydney, NSW on the 25th of January. More than 100 people attended the event and showed their devotion to Goddess Saraswati with the Puspanjali. Below are some of the moments captured.
Diwali in QLD - This year Diwali came bit late to Brisbane but it came with a bang….. We celebrated Diwali on 2nd November and was attended by the entire Orioz QLD team. There was a lot of fun activities, entertainment and of course a lot of delicious food.
ORIOZ QLD Participated in G20 Parade - It was a wonderful day. Orioz QLD team was part of  “Brisbane on Parade for G20 Summit” which was part of the G20 Cultural Celebrations and brought the city’s most loved riverfront precinct at South Bank to life in a display of vibrant cultures from all over the world. More than 90 teams participated in the event. Here […]
Registration for the Prime Minister’s event in Sydney - The Orioz community has been privileged to get access to the PM’s event in Sydney. All the community members who are interested to attend this event can register for free tickets to the event by obtaining a ‘registration code’ either by contacting your respective state representatives or by expressing your interest via an email to […]
Ganesh Puja and Nuakhai from ORIOZ QLD - ORIOZ QLD celebrated Ganesh Puja and Nuakhai on 6th Sep 2014 at Brisbane Multicultural Centre.    
Ganesh Puja - Sri Ganesh Puja is being celebrated across Australia on 30th of August. Please contact your state representatives for more details or contact us through this website
7th biennial Sammilani - The Odia sammilani down under has been covered by the Odisha Diary. Here is the full coverage.
26th Know India Programme (KIP) - From: Consulate General of India We are pleased to share the tentative schedule of  26th Know India Programme (KIP) which is being held with Odisha as a partner state. As a three-week orientation programme for diaspora youth conducted by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India, KIP is aimed at promoting awareness on different […]

About Us

Our journey towards community identity in Australia

The migration of Oriyas to Australia started around 30-35 years ago. Only in the last 7-8 years however, we have seen a significant growth in our numbers. As we were experiencing this growth in migration from Orissa to Australia, the idea of creating our own community identity in this country started floating around back in 1998-99. Initiatives were taken by several members in different states, predominantly in NSW & VIC to formalise a community association of Oriyas. This was a particularly difficult task in the initial period as we were a small community, our members were scattered all over a vast country and we did not have a common place to get together and discuss matters of mutual interest.

We realised around 2002 that this dream can only be fulfilled if we join in at a federal level to create the required critical mass and work together towards achieving this common goal. Suggestions were made to start with a National Oriya Sammilani and continue it on an annual basis to provide a platform for common discussions. Incorporating all these suggestions, our first ORIOZ Sammilani was eventually hosted in 2003 at Wodonga, VIC. Close to 40 members from different places in Australia attended this historical event. After this success, the community got together with even more enthusiasm in the second ORIOZ Sammilani in 2004 at Megalong Valley, NSW. The second Sammilani turned out to be another success with 70 members attending from New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

It was decided in this second Sammilani through open voting amongst members who were present that we formalise the identity of our community thorough a federally registered community association with chapters for each state.

ORIOZ Inc was federally registered in Australia as a result of that decision in 2005. The organisation now is registered in all states of Australia and recognised by their Governments as the Association of Oriyas living in Australia. This is a journey that began with the formalising a registered body and we hope that our community grows in its prominence in Australia with time. And, over time, we have evolved to an emerging Indian community in Australia, and we have been able to define ourselves with a vision.


We are a collective of residents of Australia who originate from, or have connections to the state of Odishain India. Our vision is to sustain a Odia Community in Australia that is engaged, vibrant and inclusive.


We work to build an active, engaged and inclusive Odia community in Australia. We maintain a community platform so that members can support each other for social and emotional wellbeing. We provide a community infrastructure and facilitate existing and newly arrived Odias to be active members of the local community and the Odia community of Australia.

We also maintain and nurture an Odia community for our young people so that they have access to their cultural roots and can strengthen their cultural identity.

We maintain our unique Odia identity with pride and contribute to the rich diversity of Australian society by celebrating, showcasing and sharing our culture. We make our presence felt locally and globally and keep our linkages to Odisha meaningful and purposeful.


We are one an Australia-wide organisation. The members of the Executive Committee are elected by members of Orioz across Australia. ORIOZ Inc is registered federally with ASIC (Australia Security & Investment Commission). Day-to-day governance of the organisation is managed by the Executive Committee (EC), guided by a constitution.

Our goals

An active, engaged and vibrant community : We will encourage all Odias living in Australia to become members of ORIOZ Inc. We will work to ensure that our members are engaged, connected and have a sense of belonging to the Odia community, with high level of participation and awareness about their rights and responsibilities.

Maintaining our unique Odia identity enriching the diversity in Australian society : We will make our presence felt as an emerging Indian community with unique identity. We will celebrate our culture and traditions along with the wider Indian community. We will showcase and share our culture with all Australians.

A well organised accessible community : We will position ORIOZ Inc. as the first port of call in Australia for any Odia who is seeking basic information on Australia for settlement purposes. We will develop and form relationships with individuals, groups and institutions with common interests.

We think and act locally and globally : We will let the global Odia community know that the Odia community in Australia is a collective of citizens active locally and globally. We will encourage our members to be active citizens of Australia while maintaining our linkages to Odisha purposeful and meaningful.

A professional & functional organisational base : ORIOZ Inc will have a professional but inclusive culture. Practices and processes, both formal and informal, will be underpinned by robust community engagement processes. Due diligence, policy and protocols will safeguard the organisation’s credibility and repute amongst its members and its stakeholders.

Preparing the future generation : ORIOZ Inc and our community will provide a platform for the young Odias in Australia to grow up as active and proud citizens with a strong sense of self identity.

We have succeeded in continuing with our biennial national level get-together, the Sammilanis. We recently met at Wisemans Ferry in New South Wales over Easter break 2014. It was our 7th Sammilani. Please click here to read a report published on Orissadiaryt.

Since 2005, when we got ourselves registered as an Incorporated, we have had 3 Executive Committees.

Years State Reps Treasurer & Deputy Treasurer General Secretary & D General Secy Executive Advisor Vice President President
2012-2016 QLD-Mitali Chhotray

NSW-Meena Rath & Satya Arya

VIC-Sambit Das

WA-Dipankar Srigyan

Srimanta Acharya

Rajiv Mahapatra

Sujeet Jena

Tapas Senapati

Nalini Pati Shantanu Padhi Rajendra Padhee
2008-2012 QLD,NSW-Sovesh Chhotray

VIC–Mitali Das

ACT-Sekhar Mohapatra

WA-Shantanu Padhi

Sujeet Jena Rajendra Padhee Govinda Mishra Tapas Senapati Rajsekhar Acharya

Founding EC

NSW-Debjani Mohanty Jagdish Atre

Sujeet Jena

Subash Pradhan Charu Chandra Mishra Rajsekhar Acharya Bharadwaj Mishra

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