Newsletter – October 2017

One of the most charming and pleasant month of the year has arrived with a lot of festivals like Navaratra, Dushera, Kumar Purnima, Dewali and Kartika fasting to name a few. People are celebrating with wearing new dresses, distributing sweets and attending lot of decorated mandaps .Our Odia members are also engaged with all these in their respective places. Here are the glimpses of some activities from different states over last few months.

New State leads

Our community runs on the selfless and dedicated effort of many volunteers. Some of them put their hand up to take formal roles. We now have three new state leads, let’s welcome them:

QLD: Srikant Tripathy

NSW: Asit Nayak

It is also important that we celebrate the great work done by past state leads,

Satya Arya the immediate past state lead of NSW has provided the much needed leadership in community building and managing community activities within state, as summarised by one of the senior member of the community below:  

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Satya Prakash Arya for his leadership for last 4 years. Satya was a balanced person with humble and dynamic personality. He added a few new celebration occasions to Orioz repertoire of celebrations. Always greeting with a smile and trademark humility Satya brought a great level of energy and much needed freshness to all of us. I would like to thank him for all of his valuable contributions. Let us all thank Satya for his genuine leadership for all of us for much needed crucial period for Orioz NSW. Srinath Acharya”   

Thank you Satya for the great work!


Western Australia

On 22 July, a classical dance concert Dikha was organised in Perth.  All the different classical dance groups participated in it. Our Odissi dance group headed by Sindhu Smita Mishra participated and performed a highly appreciated dance choreographed by Sindhu Smita. 

After their grand success, the group has been requested to participate in the Indian Independence Day function organised by ISWA on 19th August 2017.

Perth hosted Binayak Chaturthi on 27th August at the Cannington Town Hall.  About 70 members attended the puja. Highlight of this year’s Puja was the cultural function that followed puja and the mouth-watering Odia dinner. Puja started at 4pm and finished at about 5pm. After a short break with Prasad, cultural programme began at 6pm and ran till 8.30 pm. It was a 2½ hours of non-stop entertainment consisting of karaoke songs, Bollywood dance by our talented artists and two graceful Odissi dances. The main attraction of the evening was the fashion show by our kids and ladies. The final item was “Rangabati” duet sung by our members in karaoke and no one could resist and started dancing to the tune. This year, our young talents came up with a courageous idea of cooking by our self and it was a great success. The taste of the ‘tomato khata’ and ‘kheeri’ is still lingering.

We are also encouraging members to attend Unmaad 2018 in a large number. So far two families have already registered.



Rajaa Celebration – 24th June 2017, Flemington Community Hall

Rajaa Parba was celebrated with great enthusiasm in VIC at Flemington Community Hall, on the 24th June. A huge crowd of over 150 Odias from VIC attended the event. Some of the major highlights of the event were:

  • Gup Chup and Mixture stalls were set up to raise funds for Unmaad. A sum of around $600 was raised from the sale of Gup Chup and Chuda Mixture. 
  • Cultural Programme – A night of light, colour and entertainment was organised by our community members. A fantastic cultural extravaganza, including songs, dance and performance by the young children, who not only entertained the crowd but also provided a glimpse of the immense talent of VIC Odias.
  • Food – Where there are Odias, there is good food. Mutton curry and Malai Kofta were the stars in the Food Menu for the night. Thanks to our M&M (Manoo Bhai & Manas Bhai) Kitchen, everyone got to savour a great meal to end the night. 

Some photos from the event are attached. 

Ganesh Pooja – 17th September 2017, Hallam Recreation Hall

Pooja was organised to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at the Hallam Recreation Hall, on the 17th September. We saw an attendance of about 100 people at the venue to take Lord Ganesh’s blessings. Some of the main highlights of the event were:

  • A big Ganesh Murti was organised, thanks to Samik Bera Bhai for the occasion. Our VIC Purohit, Rajsekhara Acharya Bhai, was entrusted with the task of conducting the Pooja. Ganesh Clay Doh Making & Ganesh Painting activities were organised for the kids to make them a part of the festivities. Photos of the kid’s creative work are attached. The afternoon saw kids from our VIC Odia community perform and entertain the attendees. It was great to see a Puppet Show explaining how Lord Ganesh got his elephant head. 

Our Albury & Wodonga members raised about $350 in funds for Unmaad through sale of home-made Odia delicacies such as Khaja & Labang Lata


Unmaad 2018 Update

Registrations are now open for the Biennial National Odia Sammilani, Unmaad, to be held at Kyneton VIC during the Easter weekend 2018. We have received a great response from all states towards the event. 

At the time of writing this, 28 families have already registered for the event, which totals 96 people. Registrations are currently open and if you have any queries then please contact your State Leads or Rajsekhara Acharya on



After a happy and delightful Rajaa celebration in June, the ACT Odia community members were involved in various cultural and authentic festivals of Odisha.  These include Prabhu Jaganath’s Ratha Yatra, Bahuda Yatra and Ganesh Puja.

Ratha Yatra was celebrated with great pomp and show with support from the HTCC (Hindu Temple), Canberra. The glimpses of this event were also telecasted on Odia Channel OTV. Nearly 100 families participated in the Ratha Yatra. Prasad distribution was made for nearly 400 people.

On the occasion of Bahuda Yatra a Bhajan Samaroh was organized at HTCC. Two of our eminent singers, Shri Tarun Agasti and Shri Pankaj Das, made the evening devotional with Odia and Hindi bhajans.

Ganesh Puja was celebrated on the actual day of Puja i.e. on 25th Aug. All the ACT Odia family members participated in the puja and provided great support for making it a success.



Here in the Sunshine State we have been making most of the great weather. The annual picnic this year was organised at Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mount Coo-tha on Sunday, 9th July 2017. The panoramic venue offered a spectacular view of the Greater Brisbane area and of the mountains and coastline that disappear into the horizon. We had thirteen families enjoying the tea and pakodi, maunsa, bhata, paneer masala, salad, raita and afternoon tea (over gup sup and dance). All the men and boys did a fabulous job organising the picnic by cooking at the venue and cleaning up afterwards. Srikant Tripathy officially took the role of State Representative for QLD.

We sought blessing from Lord Ganesh on auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on Saturday 26th August 2017 at MDA. ‘Home away from home’, opportunities like this encourages children to know the significance of Indian festivities by getting involved. We had 16 families, a few university students and bachelors attend the Ganesh Pooja. Shrish Malviya performed the Pooja. Mahaprasad of daalma, bhata, beans, aaloo bhaja, tomato khatta, khiri was served. We also conducted various kids’ activities for them to feel included in the event and entertain for the day. 

QLD Orioz is planning to organise Diwali celebrations in early November, date and venue being decided.


New South Wales

The community celebrated Rajaa in a trademark the “banabhoji style” on 17 June. Mutton, veg curry and rice were cooked at Bungarribee Park, Doonside. There were many varieties of Odia pitha and sweets prepared by ladies. All ladies and kids were dressed in true Rajaa spirit with “alita’. Odia style “paan’ was organised by the volunteers as give away present for all attendees.

Ganesh puja was celebrated by the community at Doonside Community Hall on 26 August and was attended by more than 250 community members. This time the absence of Sovesh Chottray (Butu) for the cooking of prasad was felt but a team of women from the community came forward to fill the gap. As usual preparation for prasad was done previous night and was cooked in the morning of the event. The odia spirit of Ganesh puja in NSW lives on.   


As you may be aware, the next incarnation of Prachi, the Orioz e-magazine, will be launched from the 2018 Sammilani.  All State Leads have sent requests to community member to submit articles. The articles can be submitted in Odia or English and can be a short story, drama, informative article or poems. Please put your creative hat on and get started on your write-up. It is a great platform for the budding, young writers. If you need further information please contact the members of the editorial board or the ECs in your state.  The email id for Prachi related communications and collection of the articles is