Mo school Abhiyan

The executive committee has been talking to the “Mo School” initiative team. Dr. Susmita Mohanty, the chair person of the programme reached out to our community to spread the word and get our members actively involved in the program. The EC had teleconference with “Mo School” team and invited the “Mo School” team to come Down Under for an outreach program which they have accepted. They will be in Melbourne on 14th of September and in Sydney on 16 of September.

They are specifically coming to meet our members so it will great to make them feel welcomed by attending the event in Melbourne and Sydney. Details for each event will be sent out separately. Please take the opportunity to meet the “Mo School” team and interact with them.

Background of “Mo School” Programme:

The State Government of Odisha has started an initiative on November 14 2017 called ‘Mo School’. ‘Mo School’, or ‘My School’, is an initiative that aims to create a platform for Alumni and interested people to connect, collaborate and contribute towards revamping public school education in Odisha. A robust and vibrant school education system holds the key to a brighter future for the state and its people. ‘Mo School’ is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country – a citizen-government partnership in which the former leads in designing the programme, defining its goals and directing its implementation. The government will provide operational and financial support to the programme while the ‘Mo School’ executive body runs the everyday affairs, supported by a governing council and a Board of Advisors, both of which comprise, among others, thought leaders, eminent educationists, social scientists, and notable people from the fields of art, architecture, design, advertising, communication, film-making, literature, science, technology, sports and public administration

Funds for the implementation of the Mo School programme shall come primarily from two sources – contributions from Donors, and twice the amount of each such contribution provided from a dedicated Corpus Fund of Hundred Crore Rupees created for the purpose by the government.

Dr. Susmita Mohanty, the chair person of “Mo School” is a well know Odia, have made name for herself as a space craft designer in NASA and other space agencies across the globe.She will be here personally to meet us.

The booklet for the “Mo School” and 12 Thematic areas to support/contribute are attached for more details.

Hope to see you all in Melbourne and Sydney event.