About Us

ORIOZ Inc. is a non-profit national umbrella community organisation established in 2005 and registered federally with ASIC (Australia Security & Investment Commission). We represent residents of Australia living across different states, who originate from, or have connections to the state of Odisha in India. Our vision is to sustain an Odia Community in Australia that is engaged, vibrant and inclusive. Day-to-day governance of the organisation is managed by an elected National Executive Committee (EC) and State Executive Committees, guided by a constitution.

Our Journey in Australia

Although the migration of Odias to Australia estimated to have started around 40 years ago, only in the late 1990’s, there has been a noticeable change in the influx of migrants from Odisha. It is noteworthy that most of the Odia migrants are being professionals across a range of areas including IT, medicine, engineering, and university faculties; and full fee-paying students, hence never being dependent on government support. With this continuous growth in demography of Odias in Australia, the idea of creating our own community identity in this country was floated during 1998-99, led by several Odias living in larger states including NSW and VIC. This idea to formalise a community association of Odias was fraught with several obstacles at the time, mostly due to our geographic barrier, and lack of opportunity to meet at a common place and discuss matters of mutual interest.

Around 2002, a group of enthusiastic and determined Odias decided to join in at a federal level to create the required critical mass and work together towards seeing this dream a reality. This effort resulted in a first-ever National Odia Sammilani, hosted in 2003 at Wodonga, VIC. Approximately 40-50 Odias from across different states congregated at this unique event and agreed to continue it on an annual basis to provide a platform for common discussions. This event was a huge success, which followed by the second Odia Sammilani in 2004 at Megalong Valley, NSW, attended by 70 members.

It was decided at this second Sammilani through open voting to formalise the identity of our community thorough a federally registered community association with chapters for each state. As a result of that historic decision, ORIOZ Inc. was federally registered with ASIC (Australia Security & Investment Commission), in 2005. The organisation now is registered in all states of Australia and recognised by their local Governments as the Association of Odias living in Australia. With over 2000 members across the country, currently, we are recognised as a well-established Indian community in Australia, with Odia being recognised as a language in Australian Census.

Our Vision

“An Odia Community in Australia that is engaged, vibrant and inclusive, while maintaining our Odia identity with pride and passion”.

Why We Exist/Our Goals

An active, engaged, and vibrant community: Encourage all Odias living in Australia to become members of ORIOZ Inc., ensuring them to be engaged, connected, and have a sense of belonging to the Odia community.
Maintain our unique Odia identity enriching the diversity of Australian society: Maintain our unique Odia identity with pride and passion, contribute to the multiculturalism of Australia by being cohesive and inclusive, in celebrating, showcasing, and sharing our culture with other community groups; represent at multicultural and social forums across local, state, federal and international levels.

A well organised accessible community: Position ORIOZ Inc. as the first port of call in Australia for any Odia who is seeking basic information on Australia for pursuing a career and/or settlement purposes, provide support for their social and emotional wellbeing; and facilitate social networks for them to form relationships with individuals, groups, and institutions with common interests.

Think and act locally and globally: Let the global Odia community know that ORIOZ Inc. is a collective of citizens active locally and globally, and maintain our linkages to Odisha in a purposeful and meaningful way.

A professional & functional organisational base: ORIOZ Inc. has a professional but inclusive culture, underpinned by both formal and informal robust community engagement processes and practices. Due diligence, and well-developed policy and protocols safeguard the organisation’s credibility and repute amongst its members and stakeholders.

Preparing the future generation: ORIOZ Inc. provides a platform for nurturing the young Odias in Australia (next generation born from migrants with links to Odisha) to have access to their cultural roots and grow up as active and proud citizens with a strong sense of self identity.

Maintain a non-partisan position: ORIOZ Inc. refrains from alignment with any political, religious, and affiliated groups by maintaining a non-partisan neutral position.

How We Are Organised

Since 2005, ORIOZ Inc. is registered federally with ASIC (Australia Security & Investment Commission). We are one an Australia-wide umbrella organisation operated under an elected Federal Executive Committee and State-level Executive Committees. The members of these Executive Committees are elected by members of Orioz across Australia. Day-to-day governance of the organisation is managed by the Executive Committees, guided by a constitution.